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Our Double Wedding

And, finally, here it is – the blog post about my own wedding.

Of course, the first question everyone asked me was “Who’s going to shoot your wedding?  Well, since my younger sister and I had a double wedding, it was necessary to have lots of photographers plus a videographer and have the day very well documented.  These people worked so hard to make sure that happened….and here is some photographic evidence of the day!   Visit their sites to find out more about them and their photography.

Abigail Friederich –

John McPherson –

Kaylynn Clark –

Megan Decateou –

Video:  Seth Haley –

The next question people asked both my sister and I was “How did you plan a double wedding with your sister?” this question was often accompanied by a look of incredulousness as they imagined how two brides could have different opinions and get into lots of fights.  It was quite the opposite with us, though.  We both trusted each other, that we would often say, “you make a decision, I just don’t want to decide.”  [or maybe we are both just extreme procrastinators.  We couldn’t tell. Haha.]

Neither of us minded sharing our wedding day with our sister – in fact, we both considered it a wonderful, wonderful privilege to be able to do so!

As you’ll see by the photos, we both had our own style of dress, our own cake, and our own bridal parties…so it was very much combining our individual tastes, and having one incredible party.  It was such a wonderful day, and I don’t think it could have gone any better!  There are so many wonderful people who helped pull our day together, and we could never have done it without them.  Especially my Mom and older sister Anita…I feel like we should give them a vacation to some exotic location for all the work they put into the wedding.

Anyway, enough of me rambling…let the pictures begin!

My dress



Carolita’s dress

Akie & I


Carolita & Russ

The guys

The girls

the entire bridal party


My wonderful sisters



The ceremony


driving from the church to the reception site


My cake


Carolita’s cake




And for a short video of the day done by Seth Haley:


I’ll be uploading a full album of photos to my facebook: become my friend if you aren’t already!  Search for Susie Hadeed. 🙂

And for those of you who are waiting for photos of the photobooth…they are coming – I promise!  I just have gotten a little delayed, but if you want to make sure to find out when they posted, subscribe to my blog – I’ll be doing a feature on them when they are finished.

Have a wonderful evening!



Peter & Clarise

This afternoon, I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Peter & Clarise.   We met earlier this week to discuss their engagement shoot, and I was immediately struck by their warmth, friendliness and, most of all, their love for each other.  It was such a pleasure being entrusted to take their engagement photos!

Congratulations, Clarise & Peter!


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the first two weeks…

And, here begins a new era in my life…in which I am no longer known as Susie Yoder, but as Susie Hadeed.  My wedding on September 25th, was incredible…and the day went off without any major mishaps, in fact, if the biggest problem was that I forgot to bring my hairbrush with me on my honeymoon, I think it could be said it was a great success. 🙂  [although, I did miss my hairbrush….]

I’ll be posting more about the wedding later, but, for now, I’m going to give you a bit of insight into my life at present.

I’m cooking.  For the first time in my life, I’m actually responsible to feed myself and someone else, and if I don’t cook, we’ll starve….or, go out to eat. Haha.  Actually, I want to give a major shout out to my wonderful Mom and older sister, Anita.  Because of them cooking doesn’t freak me out, and so far it’s been going amazingly well.  Not only that, I think I’m actually beginning to enjoy it.  Check out the photos for some of the meals Akie has enjoyed the last week.   [and yes,  you’ll notice they are very healthy meals.  Akie wanted to go on a diet, so as of last Monday, one week ago, he’s been doing the South Beach Phase 1.  I’ve been quite proud of him for sticking to it so well, and he’s already lost weight and is feeling better. Yay for eating healthy food. :)]

Grilled chicken salad

Grilled steak, spinach with garlic, and summer squash & zucchini with sausage

Spice rubbed chicken with cilantro dipping sauce, roasted asparagus with Parmesan, squash and sausage [and no, that’s not the only vegetable we eat.  we also eat broccoli sometimes…it’s just not as picturesque. ]

My fear of not having enough to do after I get married has been quenched.  I have more than enough to keep me busy, with laundry, cooking, my photography business, and trying to figure out how to paint and decorate my home. [that’s another whole challenge in inself.]  I am now swimming in paint colors.  I think I have a few colors decided, but there are just so many choices, it really is overwhelming.  I have to remind myself to do one room at a time and go from there.

A few other random things:

–I downloaded Solitaire on my iPad, and actually play it.  I spend free time searching for other useless games for the iPad that cost no money.

–It helps my husband to de-stress by writing down lists of everything he needs to do [does this sound familiar? ;)]  I can relate.

–I do not like being honked at by drivers in Maryland.  Just because I don’t want to pull out in the middle of an intersection and sit there until someone hits me doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

–Laundry never ends. but, Oxiclean is my friend.

–Dishwashers are amazing.  I think I have washed 10 dishes since moving in a week ago… ok, I lied, it was only 9.

–My husband is spoils me. the first day after we got home, I mentioned that some shelves would be nice, and he promptly made me some.

–I do NOT like acorn trees.  They fall down on our roof and make lots of noise. it scares me.


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Bridal Shower….

on the 28th of August, my friends Cheryl & Erica threw my sister and I a bridal shower. The theme was vintage, and we had so much fun dressing up!  Cheryl used to be a caterer, and she did all the food herself – and it was all so fantastic.  🙂   It’s now 19 days until my wedding, and I’ve been so busy wedding planning and getting everything packed up to move, I haven’t had much time for anything else.

Here are a few photos of the shower.  Enjoy!

My sister and I – The brides 🙂

the food was delicious and looked amazing.

The lovely ladies!


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Myron <3 Carla

I had the wonderful privilege last weekend of photographing my brother’s wedding!  It was a gorgeous day, and I’m excited to call Carla my sister-in-law.  She’s perfect for Myron, and it is so great that they are now husband and wife. 🙂

I’ll be posting more photos later, but here are a few until then.


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family photo shoot!

wow, have I been busy!  It’s been a crazy summer already of weddings, shoots, work, and wedding planning, and it’s about to get even crazier.  Next weekend my brother is getting married, [and yes, I am shooting the wedding. yay!] and then it’s only 10 weeks until my own wedding.  time is flying by.

I just had to show you the most adorable family photos I shot the other week.  Squeezed in between the falling rain, we had just enough time one evening to capture my friend’s family.  I know you’ll agree they’re simply gorgeous – and the colors she picked out for the shoot were so fun!

Have a splendid weekend!


Sneak Preview – Taryn & David

I loved shooting this wedding yesterday! The pink and green colors throughout the day were just perfect for a late spring wedding. Taryn & David were great to work with, and even though photography schedules got changed through out the day, and during the ceremony the unity candle just wouldn’t light – they stayed cool, calm, and took everything in good humor while enjoying their day to the fullest.  The weather even managed to cooperate and not rain until the Bride and Groom were safely driving off from the reception. Congratulations Taryn & David – and may God bless you as you begin your life together!


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